Ella Cruz Does Kpop Dance Craze in Osaka, Japan

Momoland's "Boom Boom" dance has become part of our lives these past few days. We may not uploaded our own dance cover of the said K-pop dance craze  (yet) but it somewhat invaded our newsfeeds with sorts of covers created by people coming from different walks of life. If you want something new, here is Ella Cruz initiating another dance cover to become a hit just like the "Boom Boom" dance.

Ella Cruz does not only made her name in showbiz because of her natural talent in acting but she also created her own label when it comes to doing dance covers which without doubt go viral online. 2days ago, Ella posted a short video clip wherein she grooved in the tune of "Latata" by K-pop rookie group Gidle. The video was shot in Osaka Castle Park in Japan. As of now, it has gained more than 500K views.

Comparing "Latata" to "Boom Boom", the steps in "Latata" as demonstrated by Ella Cruz are easy to follow. Everyone can learn to dance it without requiring any dance instructors. You just have to have the internet connection to study the steps since a lot of tutorials are available online.

This is not the first time that Ella has gained a half million view by doing dance covers. As a matter of fact, all of her dance covers especially the K-Pop ones continue to gain more and more views due to the big unfluence of korean entertainment here in our country. If you ask us, we totally can't get over with Ella's dance covers of Hyun-A's songs because it brought out the fierce side of Ella.

After watching Ella's dance cover, do you think "Latata" will become the next dance craze to fill our news feed anytime soon?
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