Andrea Brillantes Proud BTS Fan

It's not impossible that even big celebrities got hooked by the Korean entertainment industry as the entertainment industry in Korea really lends big budget for their projects that is why they are now causing a big trend around the world.

As proven by numerous successful Korean drama series and K-pop music, the entertainment industry in Korea continue to grow and captivating not just the ordinary audience but also celebrities with big names and here in the Philippines, the most notable self confessed Hallyu lover is none other than Anne Curtis and the list of celebrities is now becoming much longer with another addition.

Everybody knows that Andrea Brillantes is one of the most talked about celebrities online because at a young age, many are looking after her as their peg especially when it comes to 'kilay' goals but recently, the young actress has again made news for being an ARMY or a BTS fan.

Yes, to those K-pop lovers out there, you can now consider Andrea Brillantes as one of you particularly in BTS' fandom. Videos of her dancing in the tune of "Fake Love" by BTS have made her fellow ARMY proud because a celebrity like her got hooked by the boy band. Of course, the PH ARMY is well represented by Andrea Brillantes because she's not just a beauty but also a dance queen in the making.

Although in the videos, Andrea was caught making fun out of trying to mimic the steps in "Fake Love" still the young star was graceful enough showing that she's really born with talent in dancing. Because she's a close friend of AC Bonifacio, many fans are looking forward to see Blythe sharing the same dance floor with her friend grooving to some K-Pop hit songs.
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