Gabbi Garcia's Beautiful, Smart and Talented Sister

Talent and beauty really run in the blood. Most likely, if you have a beautiful sister, you are also equally beautiful as well. Just like Gabbi Garcia's sister Alex. Many netizens are captivated by Gabbi Garcia's sister after the  actress posted a photo with her sister during her graduation ceremony. Let's get to know more about Alexandra Deneece Lopez.

Alexandra Deneece Lopez or known by her family as Alex is Gabbi Garcia's older sister. She may have not decided to follow the footsteps of Gabbi in shobiz yet but Alex really has a great potential in the entertainment industry as proven by her degree.

 Alex graduated with a degree in music with percussion principal at St. Scholastica's College. The commencement exercises was held this week at PICC where Alex was accompanied by her proud parents and her sister Gabbi Garcia.

source: Instagram/ Gabbi Garcia
 Before the much awaited event, Alex first showcased her talent on playing different percussion instruments during her recital which was attended by her supportive sister. As seen on her update on Instagram, Alex played both modern and traditional percussion instruments proving that music is really her game. Not to mention, Alex also plays string instruments and shared various song covers on her Instagram account.

Gabbi Garcia : Instagram/ Gabbi Garcia
 Thankfully, Alex's Instagram account was on public so we got to browse more about her. Same with Gabbi, Alex also possess a captivating charm especially when she smiles. That's why, we won't be surprised if she'd appear on TV together with her sister Gabbi one of these days as she's also an all-in-one package.

source: Instagram/ @alexdnclz.

source: Instagram/ @alexdnclz.

source: Instagram/ @alexdnclz.
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