Ina Raymundo's Handsome Son , The New Crush ng Bayan

It is expected that celebrities would really bring to this world beautiful children and within the growing list of local celebrities who have good looking children, Ina Raymundo's son did leave a great impression to the netizens.

Meet the Jacob, the teen son of Ina Raymundo who starts to make news online after his mom shared a photo of him on Instagram during his 'Moving Up' ceremony. The said photo of Jacob caught the attention of the netizens because of his boy-next-door look.

Jacob has not even finished his studies yet but many are now eyeing this handsome teen to grace the TV screens. Netizens who saw his photo can't help but to drop their compliments and extending their congratulations to him.

Of course, we do agree with the netizens that Jacob is really blessed with perfect looks to become a celebrity someday. He's just a teen but he is already oozing with charisma. By the way he carries himself, he probably would first grace the runway and magazine covers before formally entering the showbiz industry.

Of course, it won't be hard for Jacob to enter the limelight as he all got what it takes from being the son of an actress up to having the looks that is worthy for male lead roles.

At the end of the day, it's really up to the Jacob's decision if he would be following the footsteps of his mom and if Ina Raymundo would support him all the way. Jacob has finished Grade 8 as suggested by his mom's post. As of this writing, the said post has now gained more than 60K likes.

source: Youtube
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