Mavy Legaspi and Ylona Garcia, Do They Have A Chemistry ?

It's been few weeks since we featured the unconfirmed love status between Mavy Legaspi and Sofia Andres in which it all started by a post shared by Sofia Andres on her Instagram account. For most, the photo of them together suggested that there is something special going on between them yet it's not yet confirmed by both camps.

Now, it seemed that our question is answered through this viral photo of Mavy Legaspi with another Kapamilya celebrity. Who is she? Setting aside the alleged relationship of Mavy Legaspi and Sofia Andres since both camp have not confirmed anything yet, let's first focus on this new girl in Mavy's life. And yes, without going around the bush, this Kapamilya star is none other than Ylona Garcia.

This one photo of Mavy and Ylona surprisingly made news online as it was the first time netizens saw the two sharing the same frame together. In the photo, both Mavy and Ylona are game to pose together wearing their summer inspired outfits.

source: Instagram

source: Instagram

source: Instagram

 The said photo was uploaded by the Instagram fanpage of the Legaspi twins Mavy and Cassy and as of this writing the photo now gains more than 4K hits. Although the photo has no caption, the way the two celebrities graced the camera says it all. If you ask what we can see or observe, the young celebrities have chemistry as they compliment each other a lot despite noticing that there is a bit awkwardness between them but it can be worked out as the two might not be very close yet.

As the photo suggests, maybe the Mavy and Ylona just met for the first time or bumped to each other somewhere inside the premise of their home network.

Because it is not only us who saw their chemistry, netizens also look forward to see more of the two young celebrities in the near future particularly being in one project together as a loveteam.

Upon seeing Mavy and Ylona's chemistry, let us hope that their management would consider something for them as many are now anticipating to see them together again. Not to mention, even their respective fans.

source: Youtube
Because Ylona is  have this Filipina beauty and Mavy is a mestizo looking guy, may netizens believe that the two have a one of kind chemistry.
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