Kilalanin ang Tinaguriang Kalook ALike Ni Roxanne Ginoo

Probably, all sites have shared stories of ordinary people with 'artistahin' looks who instantly gain fame through their humble source of living. Few of those who rise from nothing to something include Jeyrick "Carrot Man" Sigmaton and Rita "Badjao Girl" Girl. Recently, the netizens are again at stir when a beautiful lady residing at Tagum City was caught selling vegetables around the wet market. Does this lady really sells vegetable at the local market?

At first glance, you may think that this lady is Roxanne Guinoo but never be fooled because she is not Roxanne or even a close relative of the former actress. The lady who is now making rounds online is 25-year-old single mother Ellen Galupan.

source: Youtube
Because of Ellen's livelihood, she is now dubbed as "Gulay Girl." Few photos that caught the attention of Ellen were taken when she's diligently attending on her customers while her goods are placed in the 'palanggana' she's carrying on top of her head. Well, she's not just beautiful but also a tough woman with literally a good sense of balance.

With an 'artistahin' beauty, why Ellen chose to just sell vegetables at the local wet market? The beautiful vegetable vendor has no choice but to make a good source of income so she could provide for her three children whom she believes her source of strength and motivation in life.

Although her line of work could cost her her beauty, surprisingly, Ellen maintains her looks and poise despite she's under the excruciating heat inside the wet market carrying her goods around until she sells them all.Meanwhile, Ellen's story was not further put into details particularly the reason behind her hardships to raise her children as a single parent. On a brighter note, this fact amazed the netizens as it is really hard to be a single parent. What more if you have three children depending solely on you?

These photos of Ellen Galupan were first shared by Facebook page Filipino News Channel and as of this writing the post has reached thousands of positive response from netizens. Let's hope that one of these days, "Gulay Girl" would have the air time she deserves on TV.

source: facebook

source: facebook

source: facebook
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