The Man Who Catches Sue Ramirez' Heart

It's impossible not for someone to fall head over heels for a girl like Sue Ramirez because of her alluring beauty plus she's very talented. With such beauty, does anyone dared to court Sue Ramirez?

The memory was still very vivid when one ABS-CBN artist admitted that he got too much butterflies every time he crosses roads with Sue Ramirez. This guy that we are talking about is none other than Boyband PH's visual Joao Constacia.

This photo of Joao and Sue are making a great number of hits leaving their respective fans hanging if these two artists are officially dating because it's pretty rare to see a photo of them together even on their respective social media accounts.

The only information that we have about these two prospect lovers is Joao's past interview with Boy Abunda wherein he shared how nervous he feels everytime he sees Sue and takes the opportunity to talk to her. He even described his feeling as being mesmerized by her beauty because he does find Sue very attractive.

Do we expect a Sue and Joao ship? Well, there's really a big chance for these two artists to become more than just a casual pair since they have over flowing chemistry. Not to mention, they seem to resemble each other a lot. They got big eyes and they have the same smile.

It's not just an onscreen pairing that many anticipates but also taking it to the next level as real couple. Well, we can't say what would come first whether the pairing or the real thing. For now, we are hoping to see more of Joao and Sue together because they truly are perfect love birds.
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