Yassi Pressman Version of BBOOM BBOOM Dance With High Heels

Rain or shine, the "Bboom Bboom" dance continues to trend and is probably now considered as a dance craze because everyone has their own version of it even celebrities. The recent celebrity who gained netizens' attention for her 'suave' "Bboom Bboom" dance moves is none other than Yassi Pressman. Here is the video on how she slays the K-pop dance craze in high heels.

Yassi Pressman is known on the dance floor for her graceful performance. As a matter of fact, many sees her as a the best contender against Maja Salvador on the dance floor.

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Of course, a hit dance craze won't be complete without a celebrity dancer grooving to its beat. Since the "BBOOM2x" dance is the recent dance craze, Yassi was able to give the dance craze a chance to give her own taste to the hit "Momoland" song.

In the video, Yassi was seen dancing with a fan on stage in a mall event. Different from the usual dance videos of celebrities dancing the "BBOOM2x" dance, Yassi grooved to the song in a 4 to 5-inch high heels. Obviously, it's more challenging to gracefully dance that require hopping wearing high heels and we think Yassi gave a lot of justice during her probably 'surprise' performance with a fan.

Before becoming a known actress, Yassi was first labeled as a celebrity dancer specifically during the time when she was still on GMA 7. Her career later transitioned when she started doing supporting roles both in small and big screens which her most notable project is the movie adaptation of Wattpad hit "Diary Ng Panget" opposite Andre Paras and co-starring James Reid and Nadine Lustre.

Now, Yassi is working on her biggest break yet where portrays Coco Martin's leading lady in the longest running primetime series "Ang Probinsyano."
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