Famous Filipino Celebrities With Their Korean Look Alikes

If you think Filipinos are impossible to have Korean celebrities look-alikes because our features are way far different from them, wait until you see this list. Check out these 9 Filipino celebrities and their Korean stars doppel ganger.

source: Youtube
Rocco Nacino and Decendant of the Sun's actor Jin Goo. Jin Goo would be a familiar face to you, if you happened to got hooked by the highest-rating action-romance series "Descendant's of the Sun." As this series was aired on GMA-7, many viewers saw the close simularity of Rocco Nacino to Jin Goo. Would they pass as siblings?

Dawn Chang and 4-minute's Hyun-A. Petite? Yes! Hot? Yes! Dancer? Yes!It's not only their body and their talent match but also their looks especially their fierce and melting gaze. Probably, when Dawn and Hyun-A meet in person, it would be very hard to tell who is who.

Jeyrick "Carrot Man" Sigmaton and Lee Min Ho. We all find a great similarity between Jeyrick Sigmaton and Lee Min Ho and there's nothing more to justify because their dimples and smiles say it all.

Alice Dixson and Coffee Prince's lead actress Yoon Eun Hye Well, all that we can say is that Alice Dixon and Yoon Eun Hye can pass as mother and daughter as they almost got all the facial features of each other especially the shape of their faces and their big almond eyes.

Richard Hwan and Kim Soo Hyun We all got crazy over the Korean drama series "My Love From the Stars" and one of the reasons why we tuned in is because of Kim Soo Hyun who was really perfect for the role. Of course, it would cost you a lot of pesos to come to South Korea to see Kim Soo Hyun in person. Well, you still got an alternative through Kim Soo Hyun's look- alike Richard Hwan who can really be mistaken as Kim Soo Hyun because of their very close resemblance.

Gretchen Ho and Park Bo Gum Who says, only same gender can have a look-alike? Yes, Gretchen Ho and Park Bo Gum can be considered as the male and female version of each other. Still in disbelief? Just take a look at their sibe by side photos and agree with us. Kuya Kim and Gong Yoo As expected, these brothers from another mother would make it in the list and we all agree that they really are look-alikes even the search engine automatically suggests that they really are.

Kris Lawrence and Taeyang We are sure that all K-poppers would agree with us. Kris and Taeyang do not only resemble each other in almost all their features but their singing voice sounds very similar as well! Not to mention, they are both a pro in the R and B genre. Liza Soberano and Momoland's Nancy Mcdonie It's not only us who saw Liza and Nancy's very close resemblance but also the entire Philippine nation, literally. As a matter of fact, many sites have created an article solely about these two beautiful celebrities for sharing the same facial features.Liza and Nancy could really be mistaken as twins, right?
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