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 It will always be a dream of any body to have their own house they can call their own. It is that one investment that will never depreciate its value thus will increase over time. Though there had been studies that the millennial would not have any inspiration on investing in this kind of property, there will always be an exception who would wish to have this kind of possession under their name.
With the big increase of the food and supplies in the market, so as the market value of the properties, and lucky are those people who can still afford to avail suck. Included in this list of lucky individuals is John Lloyd Cruz.

There is no doubt that John Lloyd Cruz can avail with such privileges after all his block buster Filipino films and different kinds of endorsements, he definitely has the capacity to buy anything that he wants. Take for example building this dream house in a subdivision in Antipolo. This French Mediterranean inspired house sits in a 1,100 square meter lot designed by architect Roland Andres and Danny Lucas.

John Lloyd emphasized that one of the big considerations of his house would be the comfort that it provides. And that in one of the biggest purpose of our home, to give its tenants comfort and security for it is that one place where one can feel the most welcome.

The house has a front porch that is very western influenced, typical of John Lloyd, he still was able to place his love for art in the special places of his house. Every place in the house provides that relaxing feel and in one place of the house, there is a pond with colorful koi where they usually feed the fishes and bond together.

One notable place in his house as well is the ten seater dining table, which is open to welcome a bigger number to dine, and the spacious kitchen to prepare food. The swimming pool also is eye catchy for the image of infinity on its tiled floor. The infinity sign was given by a feng shui expert to drive away bd luck.

There is also a mini guest house to cater John Lloyd’s visitor. Every place of the house is a sight behold which provides that peace and quiet. Have you checked his house yet? See the photos to appreciate John Lloyd’s house and be inspired!

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