AGE IS JUST A NUMBER : 7 Ageless Beauty in The Philippines

 They say that "life begins at forty" but now, it's probably much acceptable to claim "AGE IS JUST A NUMBER" Want to know the reason? Well, here are the proofs that sexiness does not come with age. .
 Angel Aquino She may look as young as a millenial but Angel Aquino is now in her mid-40s. Because of her youthful look and maintained physique, Angel is often mistaken way decades younger than her age. Well, this photo speaks for itself.

Alice Dixson may now be on the last year of being a 40-something but yes, age is definitely just a number because at 49, Alice Dixson is still way beyond confident flaunting her well-sculpted body. Not to mention, she's still got that hotness to be included in the list of sexiest celebrities in the country.

Dawn Zulueta If you think of the word "beauty", automatic Dawn Zulueta comes into our mind. Why? Because as she ages, she blooms and becomes more beautiful. Dawn Zulueta turned 49 on March 9.

 Lucy Torres-Gomez It became a declaration that when there's a role to portray the Virgin Mary, Lucy Torres-Gomez would be the best option because apart from her outward classic beauty, the 43-year-old celebrity is also known for her kindness adding to it her very soft and calming voice.

 Ina Raymundo, if you see her in person, you might mistaken her as sister of her children. With her very fit physique, there is no doubt that she could be compared to women very much younger than her age. The former sexy actress will turn 43 on December 9. 

Sunshine Cruz Barbie doll physique and porcelain skin, these qualities sum up Sunshine Cruz and there is no wonder that despite her unsuccessful marriage, many are still prospecting her but to those who are eyeing Sunshine Cruz, we are informing you that she's already in relationship with her businessman boyfriend Ishmael "Macky" Mathay.

Well, we saved the best for last, if you want to know who is are number 1  pick, Just watch the full video below
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