Badjao Girl Thankful For Her New House

 Who could never recall about the social media personality, Badjao Girl also known as Rita Gaviola. She became famous to social media because of her "candid shot" that looks like a professional model's post. Many netizens had searched for her one of a kind beauty. They discovered that she is actually asking for alms on the viral photo in Quezon during the Hiyas Festival. She had explained that the said viral photo had lead her to be recognized and had helped her family so much!

She is also very grateful to those people who had support her and helped her in building their new home. She revealed that it was very difficult for her and her family not to be able to have a proper comfort room. And now that they have their new house, she could not believe that they already have a comfort room at last! Her life together with her family really had improved a lot. Before, they can only eat once a day or when they had enough money to buy foods but now they can eat properly together with her five siblings.

source: Instagram/ Ritagaviola

source: Instagram/ Ritagaviola

Many had offered her a modeling career but according to her she insisted to finish her studies first before focusing on her modeling career. Being an educator is her dream, she explained that when she finally become a teacher she wanted to help those people in need and teach those people who cannot afford themselves to school.

She is a great source of inspiration that poverty will never be a hindrance in your dreams. Especially when you dream for your loved ones and families. Who could ever imagine that at a very young age she had experienced so much struggles and challenges in life but despite those hardships in life, she never give up she stood still and keep fighting and look where she is now. Her family is her strength and inspiration throughout this journey. May all her dream come true and someday become a teacher to help those people and children in need.
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