Brave Soldier Brothers Gives Mom A Surprise on Her Birthday

 Families are one of the best gift an individual could ever have. They are our priority, our source of strength and our comfort. We are pursuing in our studies and in our respective careers for us to give them their needs and even their wants, for us to make them proud for our success. There was a viral video about a mother and son reunion where the three soldiers surprised their mother on her 51st birthday. The said reunion happened and made possible because of the Christmas campaign of ABS-CBN entitled "Christmas is Love".

 The birthday celebrant could not help it but to cry. After a long wait for her sons to be reunited and for their family to be complete once again, at last it was made possible! We all knew that having a soldier in the family really takes a lot of patience and understanding because of their missions it is impossible to be with them especially during special occasions like birthdays, weddings, baptismal and even family reunions. But it is very heart warming to know that the three sons of the birthday celebrant were actually present on her special day

source: Youtube/ ABSCBN Entertainment

source: Youtube/ ABSCBN Entertainment

 Milvina Garcia, the mother of the three soldiers- John Melvin, Gerson and George Bernard is very grateful for the said reunion. John Melvin is a pilot of the Philippine Air Force while Gerson and George Bernard are both working on the Philippine army.

"It feels good inside when you’re serving the nation especially when you see the smiling faces of children, the people in the area. You can tell yourself, “I am doing this for them.” George Bernard said.

It really feels good being together with your family. As the famous saying goes, "There is no place like home."

Christmas will always be special and best celebrated together with the family. This serves as an inspiration to many people to give importance to their families as long as they can be together because some individuals really wanted to be with their families but never had a chance to do it.
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