Convo Of Two Former Classmates Trends On Social Media

We all have our unforgettable memories in our elementary days and highschool days. From our professors, our class subjects, our school rooms, friends and most especially our classmates. Some of them become our friends for a very long time while some just stay as our acquaintance. There has been a viral post online about these two people who were classmates before and the photos of their funny conversation.

On the said viral post, Fehm Garcia the college classmate of Mhay sent her a message. It seems just a very normal and usual conversation of two former classmates that suddenly turned into a funny conversation that everyone will definitely laugh about. At first, Fehm Garcia inquire about Mhay's whereabout until it comes to the point that the supposed to be normal conversation became an argument. Fehm asked Mhay to lend her 6,000 pesos but she was not able to get what she wanted and got mad over Mhay. Fehm insisted that Mhay can give the 6,000 pesos that she is borrowing since she has a well-compensates job, she travels a lot as seen on her social media accounts, and she's been able to send her children to a private school. Mhay calmly refuted her former classmate's statements and insisted that she don't have to right to tell her those since they are not really close friends before. Until the borrower said so many bad words that are not really good to hear. At the end of the conversation it was very funny that Fehm accepted the 1,000 pesos money that Mhay is lending her and apologized because she had been hot headed a while ago.

Many netizens could not help it but laugh and rise their browses on the viral conversation. It is really a typical scenario that many of us will definitely experienced and some of us might have experienced already. Though, one of them is clearly an epitome of successful individual, it was never a reason for the other party to say harsh words that the other individual did not really deserve in the first place.

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