Ellen Adarna Reacts After Her House Maids Went For a Night Out

 Ellen Adarna also known as Ellen Meriam Go Adarna in real life, 30 years old, is a Filipina actress and model who had been in headlines for a couple of months because of her relationship with the on-leave Kapamilya actor John Lloyd Cruz. She is indeed one of the beautiful faces in the show business industry having a slim and gorgeous body.

But as we all know, she was not just a pretty face and a gorgeous body, she also has a good heart. She posted a video on her social media account saying that she just woke up and she was surprised to know that her housemaids came home at 6:30am and had been to a night out. Ellen asked them if they had a hung over but they said they are just fine. She also asked about what happened on their night out and she was very surprised to know that some men tried to flirt with them. There was also a part of the said viral video where Ellen had caught one of her house maids seems so sleepy while watching Netflix.

Many netizens were surprised that she treats her housemaids that way unlike any other individuals who were very strict and considerate with their housemaids. Her housemaid were very blessed to have her as their employer for she is kind hearted and considerate to others. Even house helpers also need to relax and unwind once in a while. Having time for themselves every once in a while will really have an implication towards their work.

May this serve as an inspiration and an eye opener not only to the employers but also to the housemaids as well. If you will show someone that you are trust worthy enough and you'll be able to prove it to them, they will surely return the favor by trusting you with all their heart. Employees are indeed blessed to have employers with a good and considerate heart, people like them are very hard to find nowadays.
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