Female Version Of the OPM Sensation Darren Espanto ( Look Alike )

 We all believe that there's at least one person out there who resembles us and we are not surprised if there are few people claiming that they resemble a certain celebrity because celebrities are public figures. That is why, it's not hard for them to hunt people who got even just a bit resemblance from them.

We have featured a lot of the lookalikes of some celebrities here in the country and to make the list longer, here is our another discovery. Take a look at and examine the photos of this girl. Does she resemble anyone?

Well, the title alone had spilled the beans and if you still can't guess who this girl looks exactly like, obviously, she's the female version of Darren Espanto. From the shape of her face up to even how she smiles in tagalog "Darren na Darren talaga."

Who is this girl, anyway? Meet Eunyca Bobier Lomat, the girl dubbed as the female version of Darren Espano. Checking her photos posted on her facebook account, we can say that Yuni does resemble Darren Espanto not just a little but a lot!

Compared to some people we featured, Yuni's resemblance is much noticeable without any effort. She doesn't need to be shot at a particular angle just to capture what angle she resembles Darren because in all shots and let us reiterate "Darren na Darren talaga."

Based on Yuni's post, we can say that she's one lucky girl because she's a solid Kapamilya and thinking in advance, it's possible that Yuni would really have the chance to meet her celeb lookalike because many netizens are now recognizing her as Darren's legit lookalike.

Probably, Yuni might not be realizing now the power of social media but we are very excited to see her share the same frame with Darren Espanto.

So friends, what are we waiting for? Let's spread this word by liking and sharing this post. Maybe one of these days we will be featuring the news that the two lookalikes have met!

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