Fit And Fab Actress , Unrecognizable in Her Instagram Post

Women are designed to conceive and to nourish. That is why, it is not surprising to see women getting excited to meet their mini version but before this much awaited milestone, women need first to endure the cons of pregnancy.

It is sometimes confusing that we all want to have our own children but we do not want to undergo the process since pregnancy would bring a lot of changes in our body and if you are not yet ready to face these, the process would really stress and drain you out. This celebrity that we are about to feature perfectly demonstrate how a mom-to-be should carry herself on the entire span of pregnancy.

Comedian Ruffa Mae Quinto went on her official Instagram account to share one of her most memorable photos. Well, the photo was not a pictorial shot or for magazine covers but it's Peachy's photo sometime during her pregnancy where she gained a massive weight of 85 pounds.

The said photo was posted on November 9 and as of this writing the post has already gained 21.5K likes. Here is the story behind the viral photo as captioned by Peachy:

"Flashback Friday-Maniwala kayo sa Hinde naging lumba lumba ako dahil sa anak ko @alexandriamagallanes ... i gained 85 lbs then lost counting ... I really enjoyed my pregnancy and I let go talaga para maging healthy anak ko. This was a year and a half ago go go!
Kaya Salamat mahal @trevvvsilog for loving me unconditionally- incidentally .. Yan ang pagiging ina ko. O diba ? (Hinde ko nga ito na post kasi nahiya ako sa itsura ko Pero now I can say I’m so proud I did it) Kaya natin to guysh ! #success My husband bought me a new camera sabi ko I like a new camera para maganda kami baby Athena pag labas. Ending yan ok nemen cute lang "

Despite Peachy gained a lot of weight during her pregnancy, it is much more important that she enjoyed and embraced the process and a year after her the photo was taken, the comedian was able to return to her original shape.

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