Handsome Priest Trends on Social Media, Meet Reverend Jay R

 We oftentimes see priests that are a little bit older than our parents. We rarely see them at an early age of 20 to 30 years old. Maybe that is the reason why this priest instantly became an instant social media personality. Many people became popular in different social media platforms because of their talents, skills, and especially their good looks. Because this is indeed not a typical thing we oftentimes encounter, it is very surprising that many netizens cannot help but express their excitement towards the handsome priest.

Efren Antiga Gubac Jr. Also known as Reverend Jay-R made noise on different social media platforms because of his handsome looks wearing a clerical clothing. It was never an easy thing to be a priest. It also has requirements and not all people can have that job easily. You should be able to have a college degree before entering the major seminary. If you do not have a college degree you should have atleast four years of minor seminary. Rev. Jay-R graduated last 2017 at St. Francis Xavier Regional Major Seminary under Theological formation. He was once an altar server in the Holy Family OCD Novitiate House, Tugbok, Davao City and he is now a priest at Penaplata, Samal Island.

He once became an alter server whose responsibility is to help the priest by fetching and carrying things, and ringing the altar bell. That is how he a started when he was younger. And now he is already a priest!

Not so many people can handle the responsibility of being a priest that is why many netizens especially women had admired the priest so much they thought that he is too handsome to become a priest.

He also enjoy playing basketball as seen on his photos. He is not just a priest but also a normal person who enjoys playing sports.

No wonder a lot of women were disappointed upon knowing that he is already taken, and his first priority will always be to serve God before anyone else.

On the other hand, another priest is taking the internet by storm. As he looks like GMA's heartrob Alden Richard. Watch the trending video of the so called father Bae below.

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