In Cavite You Can Turn Your Plastic Waste Into Kilos of Rice

People nowadays tend to care less with all their wastes and trashes. It is our responsibility to do our proper waste management because its been a big problem not only in a certain barangay, city or province the uncontrollable, enormous tons of garbage being collected in a daily basis. Even our natural resources like mountains, rivers, and other tourist spots had been affected by this crucial negligence of many.

Proper waste management or waste disposal are the actions or activities done to manage waste from its final disposal. There was a viral video regarding this barangay in Cavite where they collect plastics bottles and even wrappers of various products in exchange of  kilo of rice. Each kilo of those plastics and wrappers were collected at the barangay hall together with the Sangguniang Kabataan members and their chairman who had initiated this beneficial project. It was also a big help to the community because the price of rice nowadays are a bit high, a kilo of rice ranges into 42-59 pesos and up.

 Through the amazing project of the Sangguniang Kabataan even the environment will bebefit so much, reducing waste as well as helping the people in their community have food on their tables. Even their barangay captain is very proud of the said project. This act had sent message to all the netizens all over the world to once again lets help each other, lets be more responsible and accountable for each and everyone of us.

 This should be an inspiration not only to the many barangays all over the country but to each and every individual who wanted to help our nature, our environment, and our surroundings. We should be sensitive in dealing with this kind of issues as early as now that we still can do something for our beloved Earth. Let us help to store its remaining beauty and to help it grow more for our future generations to even appreciate and preserve it more. May this project be the beginning of our acts towards caring for our beloved nature.
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