John Prats, Isabel Oli Welcomes 2nd Baby

Having a child is indeed one of the most precious thing a women could ever have. Though it is indeed a big responsibility to both the mother and father, it is always a blessing having such a bundle of joy in the family.

Many people also knew that it was never easy conceiving and giving birth to child. Women experienced a lot of adjustments during the pregnancy, a lot of pain as well during labor and giving birth, but as they always say it, all your pain will surely and definitely be gone when you see your little one!

This must be the feeling of the Prats family. Last November 26, John Prats and Isabel Oli welcomed their second child, Daniel Freedom together with their first child Lily Feather. John Prats had posted on his social media account how her wife struggled while giving birth and he really admired her. He even said that his wife deserves to be loved and respected more and he captioned,
“Grabe ang paghihirap mo wifey, pero sulit ang lahat. Hindi madaling manganak, kaya ‘pag nakita nyo ang hirap ng mga asawa nyo habang nanganganak, sobra ang pagmahal at respeto na ibibigay niyo sa kanila. I love you @isabeloliprats.”

He also send his gratitude to everyone who had helped them and who prayed for them, especially for his wife's safe delivery. He even expressed his respect to all the mothers in the world.
"Maraming salamat po sa lahat ng mga dasal niyo. Salamat po God for protecting her sa delivery of @freedomprats. So much respect to all the Moms in the world! Salamat sa lahat ng nag alaga sa asawa ko sa #StLukesGlobal #wearethepratties.”

It was indeed an amazing blessing to many women to bear child. All the sacrifices, and the hardships will suddenly fade away upon seeing their little one. Children are indeed blessings from the Lord. Being a parent to those children though it comes with a big responsibility will always be a role that many of us will continually learn and will always love doing.

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