Kathryn Bernardo Successful Business Woman at the Age of 22

Many of us dreamed of being successful on the most possible way we could ever do, the shorter the time it takes the better. But before achieving those dreams, one should prioritize first his or her studies as many of our elders and our parents tend to remind us, always. After finishing our college degrees, the real battle begins. The out of the box battle and a surreal war. We battle everyday in proving ourselves that we can, in proving our families that we could be successful like many other individuals like us achieved on their lives.

 But whatever is your situation right now, believe that there is always a perfect time for your perfect dream, perfect plans and goals to come true. One of our biggest dreams had already been achieved by a young Kapamilya actress at the age of 22. Her name is Kathryn Chandria Manuel Bernardo or also known as Kathryn Bernardo. She is the CEO of KathNails by KMCB at a very young age. They launched their first branch at The Block North Edsa. 

source: Instagram

source: Instagram

 They already have five branches in total and two more this year will be open soon. The actress never imagined that their family business will come this far. It was just a family interest before turned into a business venture. She revealed that her family is very hands on with their business, that is the main reason why they are growing with this kind of business. She is definitely one of the most beautiful faces in the show business industry.

 She is not just a great actress but she is also one of the great inspirations of many individuals especially the youth of their generation. For the many individuals who still dreams having their own business out there, it is never too late to dream and to make those dreams possible. If you don't have the courage to fulfill your dreams take Kathryn's story as an inspiration and with your loving family, your hardwork, and your strong faith in God nothing is impossible.
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