Liza Soberano VS Other Celebrities on Inside The Box Challenge

It's a given fact that Liza Soberano is the perfect epitome of beauty inside out and with that, nobody would argue if Liza would scream out of fright when she does the "What's in a box" challenge. Because she's beautiful, Liza is very much entitled to over react but did she really react the way we expected?

This video of Liza Soberano doing the "What's in a box" challenge went viral as many did not expect Liza's reaction the entire span the camera was rolling. Check out the complete video below.

Before the challenge started, Liza revealed one thing she's afraid of -- dolls. She also mentioned that she's allergic to vinegar. Well, these are just few facts Liza shared about her.

Luckily, the "What's in a box" challenge organizers did not consider placing a doll inside the box for Liza to guess. However, the organizers still went to the extreme by placing worms, squid and crickets inside the box. Did Liza jump off out of fright?

Unexpectedly, Liza remained calm as she guessed all the items inside the box. No trace of fear or doubt can be seen from her stance. She's very game to place both of her hands inside the box. Well, if other stars would be in her shoes, probably, they're all tearing up in the first round.

The thing that fans did not expect was when Liza guessed the crickets as cockroaches as most are really afraid of cockroaches and just even a sight of them can bring chills down to the spine but watching Liza's reaction, she invalidated our 'kaartehan' and now become everyone's inspiration on how should one react when there's a cockroach. Like, you must maintain your composure and respond sweetly when you're already in the situation.

With this, we can say that one should not judge the book by its cover because Liza proves that over reaction and the possibility to over think do not have a direct relationship with beauty. So now, guys, let's learn from Liza and be inspired by how she maintained her poise when subjected to unfamiliar situation.
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