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 There is no doubt that the Philippine Boxing Champion and Senator would be listed as one of the richest personalities in the Philippines. After all his triumph on the international ring, and earning lots, he was able to earn a fortune and to add was able to help people close to him to rise from the economic ladder.

With all the properties acquired, from his hometown in General Santos City, in Manila, and even overseas, everything costs a fortune, and to add to his collection would be his cars which are present to each of his property.

And with the support of his wife, Jinkee Pacquiao, it is not all about spending, hence, they also made this fortune into good use. They started several businesses in their hometown, to be able to sustain their living, and to not put their money in stagnation.

 One interesting fact is they used their interest to good use that they were able to think of a business venture that suits their interest. One example would be Manny Pacquiao’s interest in sports, not only with boxing but with basketball as well so he had Pacman Sports Bar and to go to a place to maintain and train the body he started his Pacman Wild Card Gym. At the same time with his wife’s fascination with glamming up and looking fab they have, Jinkee’s Fashion World.

What is interesting is he also started JMP Shalom Travel and Tours for travel bookings, and to cater tourists in their city they also have Roadhaus Ecoomy Hotel. And if one is interested to stay in the city they can recommend their very own resort and beach house to stay, the Pacman Beach Resort Complex and Pacman Beach House.

Since Manny Pacquiao is already one of the iconic personalities not only in the Philippines but all over the globe, they took that opportunity to have his very own merchandise shop, Team Pacquiao Store, selling clothes, tees, caps, etc., to be purchased by the public, and in consonance with this is the printing business named after their daughter, MP Princess Digital Printing Solutions.

Their business venture does not end there, they also ventured on media company where they invest on AM and FM Radio stations in GenSan, JMP Mass Media Inc. Radio Stations 1107 Radyo Alerto DXBB and 91.1 Kees FM.These are some of Pacquiao’s businesses, and we can say that he was able to use his money wisely. What do you think?
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