Science Proves That Dogs Can Recognize A Bad Person

 Dogs are known as man’s best friend because of their close relation, companionship and loyalty in human. They are not just motivational tools, food buddy, work-out buddy, stress reliever but they will surely have your back always. Filipinos are known to be pet lovers, whether it is a dog, a cat, a bird or exotic animals, we know how to care, how to love them and how to treat them as part of our families. There are also viral videos about people who really cried in tears and broke their heart because of the lost of their beloved pets. Pets are indeed awesome! But did you know that dogs can actually recognize a bad person from the good one? That is according to Science! Wow!

Dog’s scientific name is “Canis lupus familiaris” and a subspecies of wolves but more than that they are able to know a person that is not trust-worthy. A recent study shows that our pet dogs can actually analyze if a person is reliable or not. Dogs are like detectives that can explain whether or not to trust a person.

Akiko Takaoka of Kyoto University in Japan conducted the study. Together with his colleagues  they wanted to know if a dog would trust a person who lied to it. The goal of the study is to know if the dog could understand whether an individual is untrustworthy. The group of Scientists claim that the study will have an implication towards dog’s behavior. According to John Bradshaw with the University of Bristol that dogs knew this world to be certain.

In the experiment, dog owners would first point a container with food, when the dog run to it, the owner will then point of the container without food. The dog was tricked and would run to the container. On the third part of the experiment, the dogs did not follow the pointing hand anymore. Dogs did not believe in liars. 34 dogs undergone the experiments and all of them had shown same results according to the Animal Cognition Journal.

It is amazing to know that dogs are not just very sensitive in terms of smell but they are also much more sensitive if you are a good person or not!

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