Seaman Emotional After Knowing That His Girlfriend In Manila "NABUNTIS NG IBA "

Being miles away from your loved ones is already hard especially when you only got to be reunited with them few times in a year but distance should never be the reason for one to grow unfaithful. Get to know more about this viral post of a seaman who found his girlfriend pregnant with another man.

We all know the joke that seamen are tagged with the label 'seamanloloko' but let's not take this seriously because there are times that seamen were also victims of infidelity, just like Kien Morales Cartega. Well, he did not just feel betrayed but the betrayal even yielded a 'product'.

Kien went to Facebook to release his anger towards his ex-girlfriend who got the guts to confess her mistake when he was away. According to Kien, his ex just informed him through text that she carries the child of another man.

The seaman got furious not only by the news but by how his girlfriend unformally informed him that she betrayed. In Kien's post, he expected that his ex would be formal enough to personally tell him the news but she didn't and even got all the courage to request Kien not to message the man who impregnated her for the reason of preventing further trouble.

What's even more painful in Kien's part that the betrayal happened when he's at his job working hard to give his family and his future family a much brighter future. Here is part of Kien Morales Cartega's rant:

"...Yung ganitong uri ng babae habang akoy nasa barko at uma asa, naman pala sa wala.habang pala nag trabaho ako. Siya naman nag Pa Trabaho sa iba... kung naki Pag usap kalang sana sa akin ng formal hindi na hahantong sa ganto kaso wala eh Nakakabastos ka...Wala ako time mag chat sa bf mo sayang ang oras ko... Pina patunayan mo lang SEAMAN na talaga niloloko ngayun"

Due to this post, many felt sorry to what happened to Kien's relationship at the same time extended their support to the harworking seaman. To end this, we would like to advise Kien to believe in love again because he much deserves a better girl.

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