Seth Fedelin Of Pinoy Big Brother | Life Before Entering PBB House

Truly, there are a lot of people out there who can be mistaken as your long lost sibling and this guy that we are about to feature is one of the living proofs. Is he really related to Daniel Padilla?Apart from having a very close resemblance to Daniel Padilla, Seth Yancy Fedelin touched everyone's hearts after he revealed his story during the Star Hunt audition.

The 16-year-old future star shared that his family is living in their village's club house after his father suffered from stoke while he was in a basketball competition to support Seth. Seth's father was an OFW before the tragedy happened and because of the incident he can no longer come back to his job abroad and just decided to stay here in the country.

Seth and his family now earn their finances by maintaining their village's club house through cleaning the pool. Although Seth is busy with his studies, he tries his best to help out during his free time by maintaining the cleanliness of the club house entrusted to them.

Seth often times mistaken as a foreigner but actually the young aspiring star doesn't have any foreign blood. Both of his parents are Filipinos.

Aside from his story, during the audition, Seth was found to have a potential in the comedy industry as he showed his natural comedic side when he was asked to act but turned out laughing for himself and described the unintended blunder "natawa ako sa sarili ko".

Last night, Seth has reached another milestone for passing as one of the new "Pinoy Big Brother" housemates of this season and because of this, many netizens have shared their excitement and pledge to watch PBB because of Seth. Meanwhile, some netizens also found Seth having big resemblance with the other Kapamilya artists namely, James Reid and Ejay Falcon. 

Well, Seth may have a huge resemblance to the biggest Kapamilya stars but we are pretty sure that after this season, Seth would be creating his own name in the industry away from the shadows of Daniel Padilla, James Reid and Ejay Falcon.

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