Thailand's Version of Liza Soberano, She is So Attractive

If the Philippines has Liza Soberano, our neighboring country Thailand has Yaya Urassaya Sperbund. If you are not familiar with her yet, here is a some few facts about her.

Hailed as the hottest breaking star of Thailand, Yaya Urassaya Sperbund has captivated the hearts of Thais despite that she's not a pure Thai in blood. Urassaya Sperbund or "Yaya" as her father calls her is half Thai, half Norwegian. Before becoming who she is now, Yaya lived a simple life same with us wayback.

Same with the story of some big stars, Yaya was scouted by a talent scout named Pa Tue and first had her contract with Channel 3. Since she's been raised in an international community, Yaya was not very fluent in speaking the native Thai language. Claiming that she only knew 30% of the language, the famous Thai actress worked hard to learn to speak in Thai and even hired a personal tutor to improve her fluency in the language. Yaya's hardwork all paid off and look at her now! She's already one of the most famous actresses in Thailand.

However, before Yaya gained her spot in the Thai show business, she also waited for the right moment particularly, the right project that would sky-rocket her career. From just starring supporting roles, Yaya is now considered as one of the options to star numerous Lakorn dramas. Thanks to her biggest break role in "Duang Jai Akkanee" where she portrayed the fearless darling, Jeed.

Because of her beauty and fame, Yaya became the first Thai to be recognized in the prestigious magazine Vogue in the US where she graced a feature. She's also the first Thai to receive the title "Friend of Louis Vuitton".Currently, Yaya is occupied with her endorsement under Luis Vuitton Thailand.

Apart from TV series, movies and shows, Yaya also established her name in the cosmetic and modelling industry where she endorses brands such as Maybelline, Pantene, Uniqlo.

Get know and see more photos of Yaya by following her on her official Instagram account @urassayas.   .If you really want to see more photos of Yaya Urassaya watch the video below.

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