Willie Revilla Proud Owner of A Multi Million Worth Mansion In Tagaytay

Willie Revillame also known as Wilfredo Buendia Revillame in real life, 57 years old, an actor, comedian, singer, producer and also known as a host of Wowowee, Willing willie, Wowowillie is famous because of his good will and help to those people in need. He is the host of Wowowin in GMA network. He is known through his lines "Bigyan ng Jacket Yan!" and through his generosity to the people in need, aged individual, and persons with disability.

His television show Wowowin had definitely touched the hearts of every Filipino all around the world. It has also been an instrument for those people who wanted to showcase their talents and to ask help on searching for their long lost loved ones. Willie Revillame is one of the wealthiest Filipino today. Having his own luxurious cars,  yachts, private planes, hotels, several mansions and enormous businesses. One of his mansion is the Tagaytay Mansion located at Barangay Iruhin. Based on some reports, he discovered the paradise way back 2010 while he was test driving his newly-brought Audi R-8 sports car together with Jay Coson.  These are sample photos from Real Living

source: real living

source: real living

source: real living

The location has beautiful view of the Taal Lake and is build on top of the hill. With is breath taking view outside everyone will be left amazed as they go through inside of Tagaytay mansion where the living rooms seems to be a 5-star hotel lobby, its modern kitchen, and its own entertainment room.

The actor, comedian, tv-host was not born with a silver spoon in his mouth but the challenges and struggles in life never stop him from dreaming. He once worked as a "barker" in public utility vehicles and would you believe that he also had sold newspapers before just to earn money? All of those struggles are now paid off. Through his hardwork and discipline he is now one of the most successful personality in the show business industry. His wonderful story serves as a great inspiration to many people not to give up easily in life. Success never comes easy, one must really work hard for it.

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