Beautiful 3rd Gown of Catriona Gray Revealed By The Designer

Now trending in the internet is the supposed to be the 3rd gown of Catriona Gray in Miss Universe 2018. Netizens now wondering why Miss Philippines choose not to wear this during the prestigious beauty pageant happened in Impact Arena, Bangkok, Thailand.

December 17, 2018. The day when Miss Philippines Catriona Gray become the 4th Filipino crowned as the Miss Universe. Showing off her beautiful looks, charming physique, her slow turn, her lava walk and her brainy answers, instantly, the whole world love her.

“Talagang angat na angat sya sa lahat “said by one of her fan.”The way she talks, the way she walks, the way she smile , grabe! Mapapahanga ka talaga kay Catriona Gray “ she added.

Aside from Catriona Gray’s stunning skill sets, another remarkable thing is her beautiful red gown. Sources said that Mayon Volcano is their motivation while designing this gorgeous red gown. Sources also said that they spent more than 1 million pesos creating this luxurious art work.

Well, the gown did not disappoint Catriona’s supporters. In fact, During the top 5 portion of the Miss Universe 2018. Catriona Gray’s red gown stood out over competitors’ silver colored gown.

Now, everyone is talking about Catriona’s supposed to be worn gown. Mark Tumang posted in social media and instantly it become viral. Meet Perla Oriente

PERLA ORIENTE: Pearl of the Orient Seas is the byname given to our beautiful country, the Philippines. Even our National Hero Dr. Jose Rizal referred the country with this sobriquet in his poem: Mi último adiós. Aside from the fact that our country is one of the largest producers of pearls, the Philippines is truly a gem! It is beautiful, enchanting and captivating. Indeed a high value and rare pearl!

This piece in itself is an extolment of the Philippines. May we always be proud of our roots. May we always treasure and cherish it as this is and will always be our 'Bayang Magiliw...Perlas ng Silanganan'.

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