Beautiful Pinay Gets Famous Instantly on Italian News

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Recently, one of the Online gamer/streamer  and cosplayer ,Alodia Gosiengfiao went viral in Italian News and television as she plays Mobile Legends via live stream on facebook. Her sister Ashley Gosiengfiao rated Alodia as it reached up to 13,000 viewers, she was clueless and shocked, wondering why it reached that viewers in just a quick period of time. After streaming she got tons of messages from twitter, Instagram and Facebook from Italians asking and explaining the situation. According to her she doesn’t really know what happened and  it was her first time to encounter something like that. Italian deputy prime minister and interior minister Matteo Salvini was having his facebook live when suddenly it was disrupted by Alodia’s mobile legends stream and it seems to be a technical glitch. Because of that some are actually amused on what happened.

She extended her apologies to the prime minister and she also thanked the Italian people informing her immediately about what happened.

In this today's generation, Several people are passionately playing mobile games. One of the most popular games today are the type of game who is called MOBA . Watch the video below of Alodia 's livestream video.

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