Got Dumped By BF Because Of Her Looks, Now She's Beautiful Than Ever

 No matter how we define beauty based on a person's worth and attitude, the physical appearance will always be the number one basis for the beauty of an individual.

There might be movements in self-love and self-acceptance, but it will always be a tough battle if your greatest antagonist is not only yourself but the people around you as well. That is why cosmetic procedures is already supported by the majority. If you have the guts and the money to subject yourself on such procedures, you can very well engage on this.

There are several kinds of cosmetic procedures that one may avail to attain that cover girl look, there are augmentations, implants, rhinoplasty and many more.

There might be several reasons why one must undergo surgery, just like with the 28 year old Huyen from Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam. Huyen was dumped by her boyfriend for the guy's family did not appreciated her beauty. Which the boyfriend complied despite conceiving him a son.

Huyen got no choice but to work and solely provide for her son, asking her mother to look after him while she works for then. She has worked on several jobs, and saved money. And to feel good about herself, part of her money were spent to her surgeries.

She recount one experience when after her beautification procedure, she needs to go back to work despite her doctor's warning of not doing any work after the procedure. She recalled that it was one of her painful moments, because if she stopped working, there will be no food on the table for her child.
But all her sacrifices have been worth it. After all those procedures to make her look beautiful made her feel good about herself. This is not to show her ex boyfriend that she is now a better woman to win him back, but this is for herself to make her feel that she can be bautiful in her own choice and her own efforts.

There might be some people who will be against this, but what is important are the people who supports her. Cause that takes courahe, and she looks like a cover girl model with her looks. What do you think?

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