KWARTA o KAHON : Son Let Mom Choose A Christmas Present

They say the spirit of Christmas is the time of sharing and gift giving. And in the homes, you will always find colorful Christmas decorations and a Christmas tree. And in the Philippines you will find the earliest preparation for this holiday as early as September. Under the Christmas tree, family members will be busy buying gifts for their godchildren, and each of the family members until the day of Christmas for presents to be opened.

But what could be the best gift we can provide for our loved ones? there are numerous options to choose from. Though some might have thought of buying personalized items or whatever is available at the mall, but this Facebook user made the netizens envious and oblivious at the same time on what he has share on his social media account.

As of this writing,  the video already earned four million views and counting. The video contains the event that has happened when Rotski Bautista ( he is the one who uploaded the video) tried to prank his mother on what gift shall she choose.

He presented his mother a box wrapped, yet he asked his mom to choose between cash or the box, he tried to tempt his mom on choosing the cash for he offered five thousand pesos, until ten thousand pesos.

The family members started coaching the mother, and the mother is getting confused already, but she chose the box instead, and on her disappointment she saq a caserole covered with Christmas wrapper.
But there is more. Rotski have another chance for his mom and offered her fifteen thousand pesos instead of the cash. But when his mom was determined, she chose the casserole instead, threatening the other family members to give her money if she will find out the casserole is empty.

When Rotski's mother opened the casserole she exclaimed uoon seeing bundles on one thousand peso bills, and she even cried with joy and ended up kissing her son with full of gratitude. And from Rotski's words himself, the money is worth a million and all is for his mother.
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