Liza Soberano Spotted Riding A Public Jeepney And Eating Ice Scramble

Few weeks ago, we featured Liza Soberano trying the 'what's in the box' challenge and her reaction really did surprise everyone and even set the bar too high when it comes to maintaining your class when subjected to such kind of challenge.

Truly, Liza Soberano is that one celebrity who will make you question yourself and we think this another encounter would again bring you a bit of disbelief and make you adore Liza Soberano even more.

Beautiful, the best word that sums up Liza because she does not just possess a beautiful face but also a very pleasing personality. What more can you ask for, right?

Recently, the beautiful 20-year-old actress shared her experience while she's outside the public on her own. The thing that she tried for the first time was riding a jeepney without causing any commotion.

The said experience was part of her immersion for her upcoming movie project under Black Sheep Entertainment which will be directed by veteran director Antoinette Jadaone. As of now, more details regarding the new project are yet to be released.

Liza disclosed that her first experience riding a jeepney took place at University of the Philippines. The Kapamilya actress also added that she also got a chance to walk around the campus without being followed by the mob or even the media. She also said that she enjoyed the experience as she felt like she's just an ordinary individual and had the chance to interact with different people and know their personal stories.

Furthermore, Liza was not only the one who underwent the said immersion. Enrique Gil also shared the same experience and was also happy to meet other people from different walks of life outside the industry where he works.

Beside knowing that Liza had the chance to ride a jeepney, we are now feeling the excitement to again see LizQuen in the big screen as it's been like a year or more since their last film "My Ex's ansd Why's" hit the theaters.

Right at this moment, we are sure that it would be an another blockbuster and a marked film for LizQuen.
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