Maymay Entrata Got Noticed By International Model Tyra Banks

We all have our favorite personalities, our admired celebrities. It was always a very wonderful feeling having a chance to know more about your favorite person even just an inch of his or her attention would really mean a lot to you. Just recently, Maymay Entrata, a Filipina actress known as the big winner of the popular reality show Pinoy Big Brother and now an international model in the making as many would have call her. She made every Filipino proud once again because of her amazing walk on the Arab Fashion Week held in Dubai last November 21. Though there are a lot of negative comments that have been bashed about her, she is still very grateful in the once in a lifetime chance that not so many people will probably be given.

She wore the creation of Dubai-based fashion designer Fernando Barios professionally known as Furne One who dressed Lady Gaga, Jennifer Lopez and Katy Perry. Because of her awesome walk in the fashion show many designers are pursuing to win her. No wonder that the American fashion model and the television personality, host, author, and producer Tyra Banks liked Maymay’s previous photo where she actually imitate Tyra Banks pose. Many netizens and other celebrities were surprised upon seeing the said viral photo that an international star actually liked her photo. With all humility, the young actress could not help it but be thankful and grateful enough for so many blessing that is coming her way.

Maymay Entrata is an inspiration to many young aspirants and young dreamers of our time today. It is indeed true that your uniqueness as an individual will always be your edge in this time that a lot of people tends to copy each other. Being unique is not a bad thing to anyone because in that way you will always be very special in your own little way. So just dream, dream big because its free anyway! You will never know when the perfect time will have your way and God’s perfect time will finally be in your door.

source: Instagram/ Maymay Entrata

source: Instagram/ Maymay Entrata
source: Instagram

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