Miss Vietnam of Miss Universe 2018 Touches Many Netizens Heart With Her Homecoming Video

Miss Universe 2018 will always be remembered, not just by the Filipinos who won the pageant, but also for the Vietnamese who made history at the 67th Miss Universe.

Catriona Gray of the Philippines may be the winner of the Miss Universe 2018, but for the Vietnamese, their representative is also a big winner of the competition.

Catriona Gray: Source Instagram
Miss Vietnam : source: Instagram
 After making it to the top 5 , the 26 year old model Miss Vietnam , H’Hen Nie  made history  as the first ever member of ethnic minority group who made it that far to Miss Universe , a prestigious worldwide beauty pageant. Her story becomes inspiration to many. “From nothing, I am here. You can do it “Miss Vietnam opening statement after making it to the top 20.

Her career started when she was 14, according to H’Hen Nie her parent forced her to find a husband to marry but she choose to defied the tribe tradition and custom. She moved to Ho Chi Minh City and worked as a nanny, tutor, and became model on 2014.

As Miss Vietnam goes back to her country, she immediately visited her family. She remains very humble and down to earth. Sources also said that H’hen Nie donated the price money she earned at Miss Universe 2018 to kids and schools, sponsoring scholarships so that kids can have a better education.

Recently a viral video posted by Sash Factor Vietnam has been catching many netizens heart. In the video, it shows how humble Miss Vietnam is. Eating in bare hands, helping elders in their activities, and making everyone happy.

Miss Vietnam homecoming video has become online talks in social media. If you watch the video you will find new reasons to love her even more.  She's simple and have a loving nature . We understand now, why Vietnamese love her that much. She’s an inspiration. She’s a real life hero. She is the Miss Universe of Vietnam.

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  1. Words are not enough to defy how good you are. In ay ways inside and out. I salute you and I am proud of you. It doesnt matter if I'm a Filipino and you're a Vietnamese. Knowing how to speak English does not make you smart or make you a good person.its whats inside your heart,Congratulations and more power to you. Good luck...

  2. Vietnam deserved to be at venezuela's spot!

  3. I❤ Miss Vietnam! She is a very strong
    and down to earth Woman! ❤Philippines ☺��

  4. I love her since the day i saw her picture at the official portraits of the candidates. She looks so gorgeous , not just because I'm attracted to women with short hair, but her story also inspired me after I read an article
    (I did a lot of researching ) about her a day before the opening of Miss U. I wish her the best in the world, and may God give her countless blessings !! Love lots, from Phillipines