Mystica Goes To Raffy Tulfo, Asks For Help

Being in the show business industry requires a lot of requirements and expectations. You're number one priority is you should be able to take care of yourself as well as your health for your career to flourish and continue. With such talent, charming personality, perseverance and determination you will surely be in the industry where you wished to be.

But not everyone had the chance to be in the industry as long as they wanted to be. Because even the brightest stars fades it's shine once in a while. It will always depend on you and the way you will deal with the challenges you are going to face.

Mystica or also know as Ruby Rose Villanueva in real life had been viral for quite some time. She had a video saying her opinion about the President of the Phillipines, her video asking help to Coco Martin on "FPJ's: Ang Probinsyano", and her video asking help to Michael V. of "Bubble Gang" ang "Pepito Manaloto".

She had a very recent video where in she asked help in Raffy Tulfo's program who is famous in helping those people in need and those people who had been taken advantage by some individuals. On the said video, Mystica complained about the negative comments, humiliation and the hoax that she had experienced on Niño Barzaga, and Drew Oliver. Mystica explained that she had been called by the two to host an event which she eventually agreed upon. Without her knowledge the two individuals were just tripping on her and that there is no hosting event that will happen. Niño Barzaga had also cleared his side but did not specify any details further. He just emphasized that he is willing to go to court when Mystica already had legal actions about it.

Raffy Tulfo, the host of the program also cleared himself that they will help Mystica in every single way they can if it is true that they humiliated the actress in social media. The host only had one condition in helping Mystica, a voluntary drug test. Where in if she comes out positive, she will not receive any help from the program, but when it is negative they will surely help her to attain justice.
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