Toni Labrusca "Nasapak ng Guard " On His Mall Tour

It is part of a celebrity's job to be 'literally' surrounded with a lot of people most especially when one has recently got a breakthrough in terms of his career. There really is some pros and cons for being too famous just like rising star Tony Labrusca. Watch this viral video caught by a fan when Tony was trying go through a sea of fans but end up knocked down. How?

On Saturday, a fancam went viral for revealing the downside of being too famous. As seen in the video, "Glorious" star Tony Labrusca was on his way to his scheduled show inside a mall in Batangas when a great number of fans went uncontrollable the time he arrived. Security guards created a human barricade to control the crowd but it seemed that it's no use as fans really gone wild the moment Tony passed by.
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Despite having a narrow space to walk through, Tony continued to brave the crazy crowd even some fans out of nowhere appeared and hugged him around his back. Kind enough, the rising star didn't show a gesture protecting himself from the overwhelming love of his fans. However, something happened.

Just few seconds after almost getting through the sea of fans, one security guard punched Tony straight in his face causing the Kapamilya actor to lose his balance. The video was cut up to this part leaving Tony's fans worried about his situation. Two days after the video gained hits online, Tony broke his silence and left this message on Twitter:

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"Hey guys, I noticed a lot of you are worried about me getting punched in the face in my last mall show. I’m totally okay. I know the guard didn’t mean it. Thanks to everyone for being so thoughtful!”

Checking the video again, we agree that the guard unintentionally hit Tony as fans were really uncontrollable that time because what would be the guard's intention to hit the 23-year-old actor if the act would cost him his job, right?Well, to end this, like Tony, let's leave the incident to the past, charge it to experience and move on.

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