Vice Ganda's Enemy Joins Miss Q and A

Vice Ganda also known as Jose Marie Borja-Viceral in real life, a famous Filipino comedian, host, singer and a great performer is indeed one of the biggest names in the Philippine industry nowadays. He has been a part of  countless comedy stints and films in the Philippines, six of which are considered as some of the highest grossing films in Philippine cinema. He is also known in his stand up comedy mostly about his observations in the society, sarcasm and personal experiences.

In his early life, he was called "Tutoy" by his family which literally means a young boy. He lived in Tondo Manila together with his family. He is the youngest among the five children. He also witnessed with his own eyes what really happened to his father who was a barangay captain when he passed away at an early age of 15. Because of that his mother  an Ilocana from La Union decided to work abroad to support their family and he was left with his grandmother.

 He was very open about his past experiences in life, whether it is about lovelife or personal experiences especially his life as a student. With all his "hugot lines"  about his college life many people can definitely relate as if they had also experience such thing. Just like for example his sentiment about his classmates that were actually going to school without a pen, or they didn't even bring a paper with them. Just recently, he was reunited with his former college classmate in whom he had a resentment before.

The 42 year old comedian explained that his resentment towards his former classmate was all about their exams in which Miss Q and A contestant Koko Artadi did not gave him the answers to his unanswered items while Koko Artadi had copied all the items that Vice Ganda had reviewed. And s a result of that, Koko got a 100 items perfect score while Vice Ganda only got 97 over 100 items.

Vice Ganda also confirmed that it was just a past incident that they actually laugh about as years go by and assured everyone that they are best of friends even until now. He also added that he's been very proud to his friend since his friend Koko Artadi was also crowned as the Commonwealth of Northern Mariana Islands Miss Gay Asia Pacific. True enough friendship never gets old and never gets out of fashion!
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