Zanjoe Marudo Ready To Fall Inlove Again ?

 After his five year relationship with Bea Alonzo, and a year with Bella Padilla, the 35 year old bachelor, Zanjoe Marudo is now ready for a new budding relationship.It is everybody's right to love and be loved, hence be happy. And Zanjoe was struck by Cupid once again on this one of a kind beauty from Siargao.

Josie Prendergast is a half-Filipina and a half Scottish. She was born in the beautiful island Siargao and at the age of five he was brought to Australia. Josie was trained by her father on surfing and at the age of 10, you believe she is already a pro surfer. In her teenage years she was already discovered by a certain agency where she started her modelling career.

“For Josie Pendergast, it wasn't the moment her father pushed her into the waves that surfing took hold. It was when she revisited the ocean a few years later, and the community of Byron Bay, Australia embraced her with open arms.  Her devotion to surfing hasn't wavered since. Perhaps it was inevitable; her deeply rooted connection to the sport bred into her spirit while living on a tiny island in the Philippines as a child. Or maybe it's her natural appreciation for having fun in conditions, good or bad, that gives her  edge. Either way, when it comes to surfing, Josie is head over heels.” Billabong clearly witnessed Josie's love for the water and the waves.

You will see how genuine her beauty is on her Instagram account, unusual of a typical girl who is conscious of her skin color and make up, Josie poses her natural beauty with her tanned and sun kissed skin, and seeing her is truly captivating, no doubt Zanjoe is captivated.

There has been no recent update on their relationship though last July, a month after Josie's birthday, Zanjoe confirmed that they are dating and they are still on the getting to know stage.
And we guess that Zanjoe is taking it slowly and smoothly. What do you think? Have you checked Josie's instagram account?

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