Catriona Gray First TV Appearance After Moving In To New York

This week most talk topic is the first TV appearance of Miss universe 2018 Catriona Gray since moving in to New York , USA.

““Napaka talino at galling talaga sumagot ni Catriona Gray, lahat ng sabihin nya may laman talaga ” One netizen react after watching the video. “Bagay na bagay talaga sya sa titulong Miss Universe 2018” She added.

4 days fresh in New York, USA Catriona Gray enjoys media week and does some TV guesting and interviews. Her latest is the one with Good Morning America Live with Kelly and Ryan.

Aside from winning Miss Universe 2018 in Impact Arena Bangkok Thailand, Catriona Gray shared that she joined beauty pageant when she was 5 in the year 1999 and won the Little Miss Philippines title. She was also became the representative of the Philippines in the Miss World few years ago.

Catriona Gray’s interview in Good Morning America sparks many netizens reaction. Many netizens and followers who have watched the Interview agreed that they love Catriona Gray even more after watching her TV appearance.

The gorgeous lady from the Philippines shared her advocacy in helping the Children to have a better, more decent and quality education.

"I really believe that education is transformative, it's something that you can give to a child or to a person that can never be taken away from them which is why I'm so passionate about it," she stated. "So I work with an organization called Young Focus Philippines and they work to give quality access to education for impoverished areas. So these kids, without NGO's like that, might not ever experience going to school, experiencing developing a love for learning which at the end of the day that's really what can pull a family out of poverty, so it's something that I'm very passionate about," she added.

If you want to watch Catriona Gray's full video  of her first TV appearance in Good Morning America with Ryan and Kelly. Check the amazing clip below
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