Inspiring Story: Woman Loses 20 Kg in 4 Months and Shares her Diet

 One netizen became an internet superstar after she shared her story and secret on her weight loss journey in the internet. Sharing her before and after photos made her a real life inspiration to those who aspire of having a fit and fab body.

“Nakaka Inspire talaga ang pagpayat nya, dati ang chubby nya tignan ngayon mapapawow ka na lang,  meron na syang summer body na talaga naming inaasam asam ng marami” Said by one of the netizen after she saw the amazing transformation. “Na inspired tuloy akong mag exercise uli. Hashtag Body Goals”he added.

We may often see many inspirational weight loss stories across social media and internet. And we can say that this one is a must watch for those who really want to have a perfect fit and fab body. Are you ready?

IF you are looking for motivation and inspiration to your weight loss journey, Pamela Cruz story will probably help you.

We all know that losing weight is not easy, it requires hard work and a lot of discipline. Many people have tried and sadly, only few succeeded. Facebook user Pamela Cruz took the internet by storm when she shared her before and after photos of her weight loss journey. In a span of 4 months she loses 20 kilo grams.

She started her journey weighing 87.5 kilo grams (193 lbs.). According to her she ate only steam vegetables diet for two weeks. Although she loses some weight she wasn’t happy because she got constipated so she decided to consult to a nutrition coach and was given an advice to take some fiber.

Instead of eating white rice, she choose to eat black rice instead. She also run in treadmill 30 – 60 minutes a day. She said that she never missed a single day running on treadmill. She never welcome any excuses to skip her running regimen.  Pamela is proud that she never use diet pills , protein shakes or anything to lose weight.

Her advice is to eat properly, work hard in the gym and of course consult a qualified professional instructor.

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