Lizquen's New Movie Trailer Hits Record Breaking Video Views

 Netizens and LizQuen fans are all excited to the next film which will be available as Valentine’s Treat. After 24 hours it had gained millions of views and shares making people more enthusiastic to see their next romantic drama together. It already reached almost eight million views. The title of the film is “Alone/Together” written and directed by Antoinette Jadaone.

 “Alam mo, hindi ko talaga alam kung anong nangyari,” one of the lines of Liza Soberano as Christine shown in the teaser, gained curiosity among netizens and who watched the trailer on what is the story all about. Because of the creativity and excitement of the netizens, some already tried to write a version of their story that you might thought that this is the real story, but we still need to wait to see the real plot on the big screen.

Another intriguing part of the film would be the hashtag from Liza Soberano’s Instagram with snap shots from the teaser trailer, “#KungSaan naisip kong baka ikaw na nga”. Signaling that this might be more of looking back and remembering memories of the past shared. And to add, “#KUNGSAAN tayo kumakain ng combo meal 3 bago tayo tumambay sa Sunken. Kahit dugyot na pagdating dito, pogi pa rin.  Pero Raf ‘wag ka na mag-cut please. Isama kita sa Lantern Parade basta ‘wag ka lang mag-cut.”

The film tells about the story of once college sweethearts Christine and Raf. The two would often spend their free time at the UP Sunken Garden where Christine was a student from the College of Arts and Letter of UP Diliman taking AB Art Studies, while Raf was from the University of Santo Tomas. Seeing these iconic spots of the university gives the chills and catches the interest its graduates.

But what makes it more intriguing were the matured Christine and Raf met once again after some years on the same spot of the UP Sunken Garden. This might give us the same chills the Liza and Enrique have brought us from their previous films, Just the Way You Are, Everyday I Love you, and in 2017, My Exs and Whys. There will be the next set of hugot lines we can anticipate. Premiere is on February 13, aren’t you excited? Meanwhile watch the trailer video of Alone Together below.

Lizquen's New Movie Trailer Hits Record Breaking Video Views Lizquen's New Movie Trailer Hits Record Breaking Video Views Reviewed by Boom on 7:00 AM Rating: 5

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