Mag Asawang Sinawing Palad Sa Maldives, Meron Nga Bang Premonisyon ?

 The Philippine culture is very rich of superstitions and beliefs that one should follow on certain rites on celebration. If these were not followed, one should be prepared for the consequences that might befall on you. What is mysterious about this is that the effects of not following these superstitious beliefs will always be explainable that will scare people, and as what some of the people would tell, there is nothing wrong to follow provided that it will not hurt you.

With these, speculations are being brewed on the demise of these recently married couple whom were spending their honeymoon in the tropical country of Maldives. Based on the reports Leomer, the 29 year old husband was the first to drown while snorkeling, and Erika, the 30 year old wife, shortly followed when she tried to aid her husband. Moreover, when they were spotted, they were already afloat on the water and already lifeless. The locals tried to bring them to a hospital, unfortunately, it was too late.

Some netizens mentioned that the wedding of Erika and Leomer might be tabooed, or there have been several signs during the wedding that the relationship was only short lived. And signs that is already spelled out on the uploaded wedding video.

In the same day edit video of the couple, netizens pointed out that some part of that is with Leomer always jumping on the water, and there are shots wherein he was underwater together with his groomsmen who looked like they were drowning. And there was a shot where he was being thrown to the water and being dragged by his friends on the water.

Another premonition or sign of a bad omen seen in the same video were the gifts the couple exchanged with each other. One gave a pair shoes and the other was a wristwatch. Some said that the shoes might mean a sign that someone might leave, while the clock would mean that your time is already by the clock and numbered that one might be running out of time. What do you think? Do you believe with these speculations?

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