Man Quits Jobs As Engineer Turn into A Fish Breeder

 A diploma and a nine hour job will not guarantee a stable life. You will forever be tied to the four corners of your office or always be at the command of your boss. Some would say to get a stable income where you can control your own time, is to start your own business. But the industry is very competitive that finding the right business would seem elusive.

But Mohd Fajiha Alaihis has a different story to tell. He was once an engineer who works in a firm, yet when he realized that he was not earning enough for just RM1,500 (Php19,000) a month, he decided to resign from work. At his young age he knew that he would not be able to save and support a family with this meager salary.

And what was interesting on the turn of events, he became interested on breeding a fighting fish, which on his surprise, he can already make 1/3 of his monthly salary from his previous work by selling fish. And it all started when his sibling bought a parent fighting fish.
“One day, my sibling bought a good quality parent fighting fish and I tried to breed it. Then, I managed to sell its first baby in Singapore for SGD200 (approx. RM600 or Php7,700) a pair,” Alaihis shared.

“After that, it struck me that breeding and selling fighting fishes could make a lucrative income.”
With this discovery of a new found income, he put his interest on it, and took time learning the details on how to breed betta fish variants. He was able to put up a small shop, but this should not be belittled, for this gives him a five digit income. As of today, he breeds betta fish variants like Halfmoon, Halfmoon Plakat, Dumbo and Veil Tail and sell it to interested buyers.

And to establish network and linkage he joined the Malaysian Fighting Fish Club where he had become the chairman. And he also gives time to make small lecture to those interested in fish breeding as well. What do you think? What business do you want to start soon?

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