The Handsome Son of Matinee Idol Aga Muhlach, Andres Muhlach

 Andres Muhlach , the handsome son of  actor Aga Muhlach and  former beauty queen Charlene Gonzales is slowly making his own name locally and internationally.

“Gwapong gwapo! eh ano pa ba aasahan natin? Gwapo tatay, beauty queen ang nanay, walang pagkukunan ng kapangitan e.” Said by one of the netizen after she saw Andres Muhlach pics in the internet “Parang  mas gwapo pa sya sa dad nya” She added.

If you will ask your parents who Aga Muhlach is, 80 percent will probably answer that Aga Muhlach is the most handsome local actor during his time. No girls would ever forget Aga’s irresistible smile while showing off his dimple. Legend says that no actor in this era is comparable to Aga Muhlach’s charm.

Now that Aga is 48, It’s time to his son Andres to reclaim his father’s legacy. The 17 year old son of Aga and Former beauty queen Charlene Gonzales is making his own name as a handsome basketball player local and international player.

Recently, Andres Muhlach joined Alexander Basketball Academy Global Squad 2018, a basketball training organization who aims to help athletes to achieve their basketball related dreams. Mom Charlene Gonzales proud to post this in her personal Instagram account.|
If in case you don’t know, Andres has a twin sister and her name is Atasha. Now Atasha is focus in improving her painting skills.

Will the Muhlach twins will enter the showbiz industry? Dad Aga Muhlach answered this in one of his interview in PEP and he said “Hindi naman sa minamasama ko ang industriya natin, pero napaka bata pa ng mga anak ko .”  Aga’s answer clearly said that he don’t want his kids to enter Philippines showbiz industry until they’ve reached  the right age.

We may not seen the Muhlach twins to play roles in our TV screen today ,maybe in the future. Who knows? Theyre both pretty and handsome and very talented. Right now, lets just  enjoy looking and following their Instagram posts. Check this below

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