The Next Valentina In Liza Soberano's Darna Movie

The most anticipated film adaptation of the renowned iconic Filipino character, Darna is rumored to be shown in 2019 to be produced by Star Cinema. The story of Darna has been written by Mars Ravelo as a series in Pilipino Komiks in 1950s. 

The actress on who will play the main role has been long revealed, which is none other than, the very beautiful Liza Soberano. Though there had been some major changes with regard to the director, the film and the iconic character will be featured on the big screen soon.

But aside from the protagonist, the most awaited character is the villain. There will be no story with just the protagonist in it, the villain will provide the spice and flavor of the story and will pique the interest of its viewers to make the life of its characters miserable.

Casting the different characters for the role is a really a hard time for the producers and the directors. They need to identify who will give justice to the role, not only the acting skills will be considered, for the physique of the heroine is a top priority. For the iconic character also exhibits iconic costume for the role.

It is not only the role of Darna that undergoes careful scrutiny for the audition, the same also applies on who will play as her nemesis, the iconic snake haired villain, Valentina. She is the same as the mythological character Medusa who has snakes as her hair. The artist who shall play the character should also be as captivating and beautiful.

Artists who played for the role in films and TV series are the following Cristina Aragon, Celia Rodriguez, Pilar Pilapil, Melissa Perez Rubio, Pilita  Corales, Cherie Gil, Anne Curtis, Alessandra De Rossi, Nadine Samonte, Iwa Moto, Katrina Halili.

Though until now there has been no finality or news on who will play the antagonist, there are speculations, last year the name of Sarah Lahbati was already lined up. But recently, the name of the Miss Universe 2015 Pia Wurtzbach was rumored to be part of the choices. Pia Wurtzbach on the other hand have not denied or confirmed yet this role. Yet, seeing her on the big screen will add up to the excitement of seeing the film soon. What do you think?

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