American Blogger Fell inlove in Philippines, Plans To Stay For Good

 “It is more fun in the Philippines”-as the famous slogan of Department of Tourism can sum it all. Who would not agree about the fact that our country is one of the best countries in the world? It is our homeland after all! The climate, the tourist spots, the mountains, the hills, the oceans, and  the river our country has indeed so much more to offer and we should definitely be proud of it. Filipino dishes and desserts are also the best things here in our beloved country.

But would you believe that a foreigner also loves our homeland and would also wanted to stay here and live here for good. An American millennial named Thomas “Tom” Kuegler loves the Philippines so much because of so many things he discovered here. He is an American travel blogger behind the Facebook page “Finding Tom”.

He is an American who loves showcasing the beautiful rich culture of the Philippines. He had already tried the longest zip line in Asia located in Cagayan de Oro. Actually, his vlog entitled “Why Philippines is Not Poor” had earned more than a million views.

The American vlogger revealed that he fell inlove in our country for some various reasons like the mountains we have, the beaches, the people who speak English, the food, the mall and the weather as well. Tom had been pursuing the “American Dream” but little that he know that his feet will lead him to the country that he will fell in love into. As many Filipinos loved to pursue and American dream even if it calls to left the country, this young man proves that Philippines is indeed a wonderful country and we are blessed to have it as our homeland.

He had also been inspired with a mother from Cebu who told him to continue his vlogs about the Filipino people. The money he earned from making videos was donated to the Children’s Shelter of Ceby. He assured everyone that he is not slowing because he still hoping to meet other Filipino people like Manny Pacquiao who made impacts for the Philippines. He also said the he it is most likely to living his dream right now.
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