Fil - Am Successful Weight loss Journey by the help of an Arcade Game

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Having some insecurities in life could really affect some people. Especially when that insecurity is all about the physical body that is very visible to each and everyone of us. Many of us had experienced to be judged, criticized and defamed by some people because of our physical appearances. But should it always be the way it is? Will you just let it happen and let them define you by just your outer appearance?

This Filipino-American in United States made rounds on social media because of his successful weight loss journey by using an arcade game. Some people try to lose weight by eating a specific and strict diet, while some prefer to burn all those fats by hitting the gym, some preferred running, while some deprived themselves of sweets and other foods. But this guy achieved such goal by enjoying an arcade game?

He was known to be Roberto Redoble who inspired many people by his social media post where he shared how he experienced being teased and judged by his classmates and friends because of his heavy weight. The 29-year old Filipino-American hails from San Diego, California who had really a mad skill in an arcade dance game! His secret in his successful weight loss journey. He revealed that he was an obese child before gaining 165 pounds at 9 years old. As he grew up, he gained 200 pounds. He shared that he had changed his major from premed to nutrition for him to understand and learn how food affects an individual’s body and how to utilize it for athletic performance. He then transferred to Cal Poly Pomona where he tried to convince the staff to put his own machine on the recreation room on the campus. As he was on his way of getting his degree, he had tried a lot and did his best to do everything.  When he became successful he also had helped a lot of his friends to reach their fitness goals through dance games.

He also said that he doesn’t step on the pad in front of the public just to show off but to inspire other people that you can also achieve your fitness goals through dancing games.

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