Husband Surprises Wife On Valentines Day , Video Goes Viral

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Many people can definitely relate on this lover’s quarrel that went viral in different social media platforms recently. On the said viral video a wife found her husband on the street as he escaped from their house as she was in her deep sleep. Little did she knew that her husband had a surprise for her on the coming Valentine’s day. Who could not appreciate a bouquet of flowers from your loved one especially during a very special day.

As the wife was madly shouting and throwing stones on her husband, the man could not help it but laugh and hide about his surprise for his dear wife. He actually documented what happened and had caught their “cute moment” on a video.

Valentines Day is one of the occasions that many Filipino couples and families are celebrating. It is not just a celebration for couples but for many people who loves and who are loved. It is also very usual to see couples, husband and wife, girlfriend and boyfriend, dating individuals gave their special someone flowers, stuffed toys, chocolates and many more. Some even throw surprises for their special someone. Like this husband who escaped from his wife as she was deeply sleeping for him to be able to buy a bouquet of flowers to surprise her on a Valentines day.

It was also a very sweet gesture for this husband to gave his wife those flowers even though she had actually destroyed her motorcycle. Maybe because she is thinking that her husband is cheating or doing something behind her back.

It was indeed true that you can never gain 100% trust of your partner if you had done something in the past. But maybe after some time, and many times of trying, eventually everything will be on their proper places and love can always find its way back to the both of you.

This viral video also proved that a doubting wife can be softened by the love, care, and sweet gestures of a hardworking and loving husband. Many peope will definitely agree and feel nostalgic with this video. How about you, do you remember someone when you watched the video?
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