Madam Kilay Confirms Breaking Up With Afam, Introduces New Lover

Just few days ago, netizens were all shocked after Madam Kilay revealed that she and her husband are totally separated. In the video Madam Kilay gave enough details and information why their relationship ended in a not so good way. However, Madam Kilay also introduces new lover.

"Talagang marami ang natuwa at nainspired sa pagmamahalan ni Madam Kilay at ni Afam, Akala ko nga perfect sila sa isat isa, kaya nagulat ako nung nabalitaan kong hiwalay na pala sila " said by one of the supporters of Madam Kilay "Pero nawala lungkot ko nung pinakilala nya na ang bago nyang pag ibig" she added.

If in case you didn’t know, Madam Kilay is an online celebrity. She is known for her signature exaggerated pair of eyebrows. She brings joy and happiness to online users with her funny videos. Aside from her well-groomed and overly designed trademark eyebrows, Netizens also love to watch videos of Madam Kilay with her husband whom she called Afam.

Fans and followers describes Madam Kilay’s relationship with Afam is a nearly perfect love story. A story of a Filipina who met her prince charming on the other side of the world.
Everything seems to be okay until one day, the online community were saddened by the news when Madam Kilay finally revealed the status of her relationship with her husband.

She said that after her husband got deployed, being in a long distance relationship was never become a problem for them. Everything seems working very well until  November, 2 weeks after Madam Kilay’s birthday, she noticed a big difference to Afam’s attitude towards her.

Allegedly, According to Madam Kilay’s video, Afam’s coldness continues. Later she discovered that her husband was involved in a third party. Madam Kilay tried to fix their relationship but it was no avail. It ended up in a separation.

Madam Kilay assured that she never cheated on her husband. After 14 months of being separated, Madam Kilay finally introduces new lover to her fans and loyal supporters.

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